Social Integration

Driven by the humanist values and justified by the self-determination concept, our social integration department contributes to the professional insertion of people benefiting of the disability insurance and/or being in social difficulties.

Adapted workshops

The wide range of services and industrial activities proposed by the Polyval Foundation allows adapt work conditions that are favourable to a worthwhile and fulfilling Professional activity for the people suffering of health problems or those benefiting of a disability insurance.

Social rehabilitation

The close ties created since several decades between the Polyval Foundation and the labour market as well as our positioning as a social enterprise of industrial purpose allow us to be a credible partner in the field of the evaluation, integration and professional training.

Work experience

In the perspective of facilitating the access to the labour market, the Polyval Foundation offers a personalized support to the trainees.

Socializing workshop

The Polyval Foundation supports people in a situation of handicap who do not meet the requirements of production and who wish to have an out of home activity in a protected workshop.


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