Laundry service (RABC standard)

We take care of your textile

The modernity of our laundry service meets the EN 14065 hygiene standards in separating by partitioned areas (RABC method) each step of washing and dry-cleaning from the arrival to the drying, avoiding in doing so possible infection between the dirty and clean linen.

The linen are marked with a microchip (RFID) allowing identifying and follow-up of each piece at each state of the process.

  • Stain removal
  • Washing
  • Alteration, laying badges, hems, etc.
  • Customized delivery

Conditions Générales Blanchisserie RABC

Our forces
  • Only one interlocutor
  • RABC method and EN 14065 hygiene standards
  • Responsiveness and flexibility
  • Traceability
Our clients
If you are...
  • A public or industrial service company, we clean overalls, ungarees, parkas, rain suits, etc.
  • A hotel or medical and social establishment, we clean flat linen, napkins and dish towels, tableclothes, clothes of the residents of a medical and social establisment, etc.
  • Active in the services sector, we clean shirts, blouses, suits, skirts, ties etc.
Other information
Machinery park


  • 2 premises for the dirty linen as well as for the clean linen (anti-contamination barrier)
  • Sorting areas
  • Room under ventilation hood

Sorting and washing

  • 1 sorting table : dirty linen
  • 1 stain removal cabin
  • 1 pretreatment machine for the soiled linen
  • 4 aseptic washing machines

Drying & finishing works

  • 2 rotary dryers
  • 1 drying cabin on coat-hangers
  • 1 mangle (flat linen)
  • 5 ironing stations
  • 1 steam Press ironing machine
  • 1 mannequin finisher
  • 1 machine for folding (towels, etc.)
  • 3 tables for batch preparation

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