Manufacturer of springs and wireforms

Specialised in the production of springs, Polyval is able to advise and support her clients, from the search for a solution to the series production, with the realisation of prototypes. Polyval is active in almost all areas of application of the springs and micro-springs.

The production of CML springs, in limited series or large series, affects all areas related to watchmaking, connectivity, microelectronics, etc.


From the strips spring to the micro-spring (wire of 0,06mm), we respond to industrial needs, in almost all materials and all the specialities:

  • Strips spring
  • Wire form spring
  • Actuators
  • Compression
  • Torsion or microscopic


Spring steel, stainless steel, high temperature steel, valve steel, titanium, copper-based alloy, etc.


In-house heat or surface treatments or in subcontracting with specialised companies.

Our clients
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Economic markets:

  • Watchmaking
  • Medical and dental
  • Connectivity
  • Microelectronics
  • Machine tool
  • Printing machines
  • Aeronautics
  • Pumps
  • Pneumatics
  • Etc.

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Technical data

Spring production from the following raw materials:

— Spring steel
— Stainless steel
— High temperature steel
— Valve steel
— Titanium
— Copper-based alloy
— Etc.

— Wire from 0.06mm to 6mm

— Surface treatment
— Heat treatment


—  2 laser cutting machines for sheet metal with a thickness from 0,05mm to 2mm (allows the production of prototypes)
This working method can also be used for specially shaped springs

— 2 wire electrical discharge machines Agie Charmilles : 1 Robofil 100 and 1 SLP 240, 5µm cutting precision, allowing combinations with laser cutting

— 11 micro-spring machines, wire from 0.04mm to 0,4mm

— 26 spring machines, wire from 0,4 to 6,00mm

— Wide range of systems dedicated to the recovery of wire-shaped and flat steel springs, in order to realize complex shapes

— High precision control systems, optical measuring (Keyence, MVP)

— Force measuring systems

Materials stock

Flat steel

— Sheets from 0.1 to 2mm
— Steel MK75 blue dipped 1.1248
— Steel CK67 for hardening 1.1231
— Stainless steel 1.4310
— Copper and bronze for springs, different shades available, CuBe2,CuSn6, 2.1247 / 2.0321
— Brass
— Other materials available on request


— Stainless spring steel 1.4310
— Spring steel C 1.1200
— Spring steel D 1.1211
— Piano string, spring steel D 1.1211
— Copper, bronze, different shades available, CuBe2,CuSn6, 2.1247 / 2.032
— Wire straightened into bars 1.4301 / 1.4305 / 1.4310 and other qualities on request
— Available or on request : brass, titanium, aluminium, Arcap, Nimonic

Finished products

— Compression, traction and torsion springs, wire and flat steel forms
— Assortments of springs available from our stock

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