Development and production of packaging solutions

The development and the manufacturing of flat or corrugated cardboard packaging and the customized packaging section form the specific activities of packaging.


Specialised in all types of packaging, we meet the exclusive needs of our customers, whether it is an exclusive luxury series for a niche market with a gluing finish or on the automatic production line for folding, gluing and box covering.


The manufacturing of industrial packaging is also suitable for the transportation, the packaging, the storage and the dispatching.

Quantity : from 50 pieces or on request



After the elaboration of specifications together with the client, drawings by CAD and prototypes are made by our designers.


The selected project is put into production and followed up until delivery. The printing is being outsourced to our trusted partners. The hot foil stamping is made directly in our workshops.


Specific services :

Compact cardboard

  • Boxes with lid
  • Embossed packaging
  • Folding boxes
  • File boxes
  • Cases
  • Luxury packaging
  • Displays

End-use sectors:

  • Watchmaking, luxury market, cosmetics, chocolate factories
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Care, health
  • Electronics
  • Dry goods
  • Etc.


Corrugated cardboard

  • Transportation and storage boxes
  • Boxes with lid
  • Dispatching boxes
  • Dividing grids
  • Etc.

End-use sectors :

  • Food industry (vegetables & fruits)
  • E-commerce business
  • Industrial sectors (electrical equipments, equipment suppliers, etc)
  • Small businesses
  • Etc.


Finishing works :
Lamination, corner gluing, perforation, die cutting, gluing, stapling, forming, shaping, folding, banding.

Our forces
  • Handling of the project by only one interlocutor
  • Production centres with qualified personnel in French-speaking Switzerland
  • Logistics
Our clients
If you are...
  • a SME
  • a watch manufacturer or jewellery
  • a pharmaceutical company
  • a cosmetics company
  • a sweet or chocolat shop
  • a perfumery
  • a printing house
  • an advertising company

we will produce the appropriate packaging.

Other information
Machinery park

 Automatic lines :


  • Autoplatine cardboard flat die-cutting machine (see): for cutting cardboard with nano/micro flute, laminated, corrugated cardboard, paper, semi-rigid plastic. Tooling costs are to be expected for the die-cutting form for all types of customised packaging
  • Folder-gluer (see): multi-purpose machine whick allows folding and gluiting (food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, etc.)
  • Turning-in (see) : machine for the production of covered boxes particularly suitable for high-end packaging
  • Gluing machine (see): ideal machine ofr gluing and laminating. It is suitable for small quantities, panels and boxes with lid
  • Machine for the production of corrugated cardboard boxes (see): flat die-cutting of corrugated cardboard boxes for the production of customised industrial packaging (moving / storage / transport / packing, etc.)


  • Machine for making sharp-edged boxes : covering paper at the customer's choice
  • Hot foil gilding : printing process that allows embellishing a box with a hot stamping of a logo, company logo, etc. The colour is at customer's choice
  • Cutters, staplers.


Technical data

On request using the contact form below or by phone 021 642 70 70.


For any information or price requests please contact us by means of the form below.

Additional services

You wish to print or package your boxes in adding the contents ? Our multi-service workshop will take care of this service.

Please refer to the page "Co-packing / Multiservice"

Please refer to the page "Springs CML"

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